Areas of Study

X-ray Crystallography+++ Light Harvesting +++ Electron transfer+++ F-Type ATPase+++Sugar binding proteins+++ Photosynthesis +++ Free Electron Laser in Biology

Background The inner sanctum of Photosynthesis the structure and function of Photosystem I and II is since my master thesis and Ph.D. the focus of my research interest. Since more than ten years I have the opportunity to work on crystal structures of various proteins in the broad field of photosynthesis. The membrane proteins are the most interesting and challenging proteins at all. Currently the Protein Data Bank(PDB) has above 150,000 structures, in contrast the number of known membrane protein structures is still around 1000 unique. Therefore the most important proteins are in their majority still unknown by their structure, beside the fact that the numeric share is at least one third of all proteins. The field of membrane protein structure determination is still in the beginning with a clear growing impact to many research topics in chemistry, biochemistry, biology and medicine.

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